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Created 4-May-16

Some reminder shots of an inspiring tiyul in the northern Shomron with Ruthi Brenner and her merry supporters, Chol Hamoed Pesach 2016.
You might want to refer friends to the video presentation introducing Maoz Tzvi by Moshe Schneider.
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Joseph's Pit
Mevo Dotan
Maoz Tzvi
Yaakov Tavger at Joseph's Pit 1Joseph's Pit and Visitors 2Flag & Visitors at Joseph's PitPhotographer Shooting Down Joseph's PitYaakov Tavger at Joseph's Pit 3Young Explorers at Joseph's Pit160426-Mevo_Dotan-5293Visiting Mevo Dotan 2Israeli and Shomron Flags 1Gated Community Fence - Mevo Dotan 2Panorama from Maoz Tzvi 5Maoz Tzvi, Mevo Dotan, Emek Dotan, Dotan ValleySynagogue on Maoz Tzvi 8At Maoz TzviSynagogue on Maoz Tzvi 1Synagogue on Maoz Tzvi 7Farewell from HostWalking in Maoz TzviLookout Point at Maoz Tzvi160426-Maoz_Tzvii-5451