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Created 4-May-16

The area where Joseph's Pit is believed to be located is Emek Dotan in the Northern Shomron district. There are numerous pits in this area, but the one featured in these photographs is the one most popularly believed to be the actual pit where the selling of Joseph occurred (Genesis 37:12-36).
These pits are not always devoid of water, as the grooves made by ropes indicate in today's pits.
Agricultural Setting of Joseph's Pit 2Structures Over/Adjacent to Joseph's Pit 1Army Water Tank at Joseph's Pit 1Visitors at Joseph's PitJoseph's Pit 2Yaakov Tavger at Joseph's Pit 1Joseph's Pit with Rope Marks 1Joseph's Pit and Visitors 2Joseph's Pit 3Soldiers in the Field - Joseph's Pit 2Visitors to Joseph's Pit