Yosef Symonds has been involved in photography for most of his life—starting at 7 years old with a bellows camera in Sydney, Australia, to the digital age in Israel where he moved in 1981.

In recent years, Yosef has focused on capturing personal experiences of life, landscape, and architecture in Israel. These include historic and archaeological sites, such as the Western Wall (Wailing Wall) and the Temple Mount, architecture, street photography, still life, Jewish festivals, Israeli landscapes, and nature. Celebrations of life-cycle events are of particular interest to Yosef, as are Jewish religious practices.

Yosef is always experimenting with different techniques to show subjects that can be seen differently, or are commonly completely overlooked. He takes particular joy in shooting at bar/bat mitzvahs, britot, and other celebrations where he shares the joy and feels part of the family.

Yosef’s work has appeared in many commercial displays, such as office exhibits, and also used for product marketing. Yosef’s photographs are frequently published in the Jerusalem Post.