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Created 4-May-16

Entrance to YitzharSignposts at YitzharOd Yosef Chai Yeshiva - View from YitzharPink Hollyhock Flower 1Boaz AlbertPink Hollyhock Flower 6Yitzhar Fireplace 191015-1A Speaker for the Visitors 191015-1A Speaker for the Hosts 191015-1Afternoon Prayers in the Synagogue 191015-1Looking Through the Yitzhar Synagogue Window 191015-2Hostess With Visitors 191015-1Looking Out from Yitzhar on a Stormy Day 191015-2View of Palestinian Quarry 191015-1View from Yitzhar 191015-5Arab Village Beneath Yitzhar 191015-1View of Palestinian Quarry 191015-2IMG_5355View_from_YitzharVisitors Departing 191015-1Public Menorah 191015-1