Created 29-Oct-20

Dear Friends,

Sometimes my work takes me to surprising places. Today I started the product shoot of Jacqui Taub’s exquisite figurines. Jacqui is a highly talented ceramic figurine artist dedicated to her work, who thinks “out-of-the-kiln”. She injects such life into her ceramic figures that they come out of the kiln alive (similar to Avraham AvinuJ). Jacqui is inspirational and exacting to work with.
Have a peek at
The Seder test shot gives an idea of her work. But at one stage she turned to me and said we must have her figurines living in my photos! The result of our first attempt is shown in the second shot of her Chassid deep in nature. If you want to hear her give her version of the experience, there is a one minute clip too.
To find out more about Jacqui’s work, phone her at 02-9951578 or email [email protected] .
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