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Created 22-Nov-18

Zar Grounds Entrance Gate 180927-26Sundial in Zar Grounds 180927-19Zar Home Pergola 180927-14Visitors to Zar Estate 180927-5Zar Residence on Hill 180927-1Zar Home Grounds 180927-1Zar Grounds Rotunda 180927-23Zar Grounds 180927-9View on Way to Zar Home  180927-3Zar Grounds and View West 180927-10Mosaic in Zar Home Grounds 180927-4Zar Home Foundation Stone 180927-11Zar Grounds Washing Basin 180927-20Visitors to Zar Estate 180927-7Zar Home 180927-8View From Zar Home Grounds 180927-2Zar Home 180927-16Zar Grounds View North 180927-24