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Created 28-Nov-19

Young Woman Addresses Visitors 191015-1Synagogue Window 191015-1Synagogue Window 191015-3Synagogue Window 191015-4Synagogue Window 191015-5Men Exiting Synagogue 191015-1Women Exiting Synagogue 191015-1Women Looking Out on Incoming Storm 191015-3Visitor and Resident Bond in Friendship 191015-1Town Square with Incoming Storm 191015-1Unfinished Extensions 191015-1Incoming Storm Gives Leaves a Pastel Background 191015-1Young Resident Examines  a Trailer 191015-1Fitter on the Roof 191015-1Sukkah Wanabee Yitzhar 191015-1Young Speed on Hills 191015-1Looking Out from the Mill 191015-1Containers of the Flour Mill 191015-2Father and Daughters 191015-1Looking Out from the Mill 191015-4