Viewing Photographs

You can:

  • View photographs in a Collection as large thumbnails.
  • Save a photograph in a Favorites folder.
  • Enlarge a photograph for viewing details.
  • View other similar photographs in the source Gallery by clicking the link under the enlarged photo.
  • View the Collection as a Slideshow. 

Viewing the Collection Photographs

Clicking the Collection reveals the thumbnails of all photographs in the Collection.

For example:









Saving a Photograph in the Favorites Folder

To add a photograph to your Favorites, mouse over the top left corner of the photograph to reveal the heart symbol and click it.





Enlarging a Photograph

Clicking one of the photographs in a Collection causes it to enlarge. All of the thumbnails are compacted together to its left.











Note the Gallery link in the caption under the enlarged photo. Click this link to reveal all of the photographs in the Gallery which is home to this photo. 

Viewing the Collection as a Slideshow

Click the SLIDESHOW tab at the top right of the screen. The show begins.

Mousing over the little man at the right of the screen near the bottom displays the photo's Caption.





Mousing over the double caret in the bottom right corner reveals numerous controls for controlling the show.