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Created 9-Aug-17

A Jewish wedding at sunset in a stark biblical setting during summer is something I never tire of. It brings together a set of elements which combine to give a significant start to the young couple's life together. The fading light and a view of the countryside combine in seriousness and are often countered by the Masader Kiddushin (ceremony officiant) who tries to lighten the occasion and put the young couple at ease. After darkness has fallen, the band lights up and commonly the strobe lighting gives a cascade of colors.
This collection shows key elements such as the chuppah (bridal canopy), bride, wine and cup, setting of the ceremony, band, family and guests.
From the Outside Looking In 1The Band - AbstractFlowers in Wine Barrel 1Wine and Kiddush Cup under Chuppah 2Wedding at Psagot Winery Binyamin 9Bride Greeting and Blessing Guests 1Under the ChuppahMother and Mother-In-Law Under Chuppah 1Mother and Mother-In-Law Under Chuppah 3Wedding Band at Psagot Winery BinyaminKeyboard Playing for Wedding at Psagot Winery Binyamin 19Electronic Music 2The Band 1The Band 2The Band 3The Band 8Dancers