This is a unique service for those who want to share their wedding/barmitzvah/batmitzvah/brit milah experience as soon as possible with others who were not able to attend. It is frustrating to wait weeks or even months to receive the official wedding photos, and usually not possible to rely on smartphone photos by guests to be of sufficient quality (if even available quickly) for distribution to out-of-town relatives and friends. 

Simcha Informal - Express is an online service complementary to the regular formal photography which is typically associated with such celebrations and essential for your printed albums. At weddings, I shoot chuppah "off-stage" so as to avoid adding to the clutter around chatan and kallah. My purpose is to catch glimpses of chatan, kallah, barmitzvah and batmitzvah; beauty of the venue and settings, and joy of family and guests - and to make these scenes and feelings available to all via the Visions of Israel website to all who you wish simply by sending the link.

Photos are available within 48 hours.