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Created 13-Nov-21

The Biden administration insists on denying Jerusalem is the unified capital of Israel. I believe
this is akin to Israel insisting on Washington hosting an Israeli consular mission to the Mexicans
so that Israel can relate to parts of the US as actually belonging to Mexico (issuing passports to
Mexicans in California listing a birthplace such as San Diego as part of Mexico).
Parallels aside, this plan of the Biden administration, apart from being illegal (as argued by the
previous US ambassador to Israel, David Friedman), has shocked the Israeli population, myself included. One
expression of this has been the vigils outside the US building consul-designate to demonstrate
national indignation. These are scenes from the vigil.

The group hosting the vigil has put together a link page giving access to addresses made that evening by representatives from various parts of the Israeli spectrum:

If you only have time (a few minutes) for one, then the clip of Yishai Fleisher is a must if you
want the big picture behind it all:
For the story behind the vigil, see page 9 (Hebrew).
English coming soon.