Purpose of Site

1. To provide quality and unique photos, focusing on Israel and Jewish life therein, for the editorial, advertising, and display markets.

2. To provide support and publicity, by way of my photos, for people and places in Israel that contribute much to the country's vibrance, or are in particular need of support.

3. To provide a medium for the private celebration and viewing of family and personal events.

4. To share my photographs with others interested in viewing them. 

Organization of Photos on Site

Photos are organized by topics and themes. The major groupings appear as tabs in the Header row of each page.




Clicking the drop-down arrow of a topic grouping reveals the groups for that topic.






Photos are located in both Galleries and Collections. Each photo on the site is contained in a Gallery.  Collections are selections of photographs from:

  • One Gallery: offering a selection of photos from the underlying Gallery OR
  • More than one Gallery: presenting a theme illustrated by photographs selected from multiple Galleries.

Accessing Collections

Collections are arranged in broad categories in the top header menu of each page. Clicking a category reveals a drop-down list of Groups under that broad category. Clicking a Group opens a page with the Collections of that Group. Each Collection is represented by a thumbnail photo from the Collection, with a small blue icon in the bottom left corner.




Clicking a thumbnail reveals the photos in that Collection, as thumbnails.

Note: As distinct from Collections, Galleries are usually accessed indirectly by clicking the link to it from one of its photos enlarged in a Collection.