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Created 25-Apr-18

This time one of the Jewish visitors was in mourning for her father so, following tradition, the circuit was made clockwise instead of anti-clockwise. The idea behind this is that, in days when Jews could visit the Mount freely, others circuiting normally would ask those going the other way the reason for such direction. This gives the opening for comforting of the mourners.
And after rain, the skies take on a pure deep blue color.
Israeli Police Inside Mughrabi Gate EntranceHeading Clockwise Because of MournerHeading North Along Western PerimeterYoung Guide Addressing Jewish Visitors 2Israeli Police Watching TouristsDoors and Arches of Chain Gate 1Temple Mount Not So Holy to EveryoneManuscripts Restoration Center on Western WallAblution Gate on Western WallFacing the Western Courtyard of the TempleHonoring the Preferred Dress of Bare FeetArab Bystanders Being Told Not to Encroach on PathwayNot Everyone is Barred from Praying 1Modern Arches of NW CornerHeading East Along Northern Side 180422-1Police and Wakf "Guarding" Steps of Gateway from Jewish Visitors Who Do not Want to AscendDome of the Chain 1Looking SE Across Floor of PlatformLooking Northwards Away from MountMoving East along Northern Side of Platform