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Created 24-Jun-21

01 Briefing for Going Up 191205-102Walking, Talking and Thinking 210617-104 On the Ramp Bridge Going Up to Mugrahbi Gate 190610-206 Police and Wakf on Herod's Southern Extension 191106-107 Lone Olive Tree 190313-108 Moving East on Herod's Southern Extension 191106-210 Down the Stairs to the Eastern Wall 191106-116 Plant  Growth from Eastern Wall 190113-3Walking North Along Eastern Wall 210617-1Finishing Tachanun On Har 210617-14042Rav Weber Sharing Relevant Torah Insights 210617-5Varied Visitors 210617-3Enjoyable Walking 210617-350 The Trailing Wakf 190113-152 Comrades at Arms 191106-1Recording the Action on the Temple Mount 210617-2Making a Strong Point 210617-1