I just wanted to thank you so much for the amazing shot you got of me and my husband. It's amazing! Best picture I have of both of us...by far. 

Thanks again
Racheali Myers

We would like to take this opportunity to thank Yosef Symonds for photographing Michoel’s 70th birthday party at Café Rimon in Bet Shemesh.
Yosef was the consummate photographer, who performed his task in an unobtrusive and professional manner, capturing the excitement of the event so that we could re-live the simcha over and over again. 
We were extremely pleased with the results. The individual photos he took of the couples who attended (there were more than 50 people present) were all “winners”.  The group photo of all the participants is something we will always treasure.  
Can’t wait till our 50th wedding anniversary so we can make use of Yosef’s services again!

Michoel and Chana Simpson
RBS Alef


Yosef has done a number of photography projects for us both as a friend and on a professional level. His work is outstanding, he is an absolute pleasure to work with. He has an eye for detail that produces fabulous pictures and will take just the right picture but does so without getting in the way. I highly recommend Yosef for his talent, his integrity, his ability to please, and the ease with which he is able to get his subjects to model!!!! 

Yael Slutzki
RBS Alef


It is a pleasure to have Yosef as a photographer. He not only took amazing photos at our son's bar mitzvah, but his photos told the story.
As well. Yosef also took newborn photos of our granddaughter.
He is patient, caring and professional. We warmly recommend Yosef's photography.

Pircha Soloveichik
RBS Alef


We are fans of Yosef's Visions of Israel series of photographs.
We were therefore surprised and honored to see him at one of the local restaurants where we entered for a family dinner. He was just finishing a photo session in the restaurant with some friends of ours. We asked him to snap a few impromptu photos of our family, and he graciously obliged.
Even without much preparation in that restaurant setting, Yosef masterfully posed photos of our family that have drawn numerous compliments from our friends and neighbors.
Yosef was easy to work with, and his final products are high-quality photographs that are making the rounds among our extended family!

Aryeh Koenigsberg
RBS Alef


This is an unsolicited recommendation of Yosef Symonds, a highly creative photographer who gives his heart and soul to his work.
Yosef produced a beautiful album for our institution, and spared neither time 'nor effort in making it perfect.
We highly recommend his services.

Akiva Teichtal, Rosh Kolel Bet Zvi RBS Aleph
Esther Teichtal Writer and Translator “Ink Splash”


Thank you so much for all those beautiful photos you took at our son’s Bris last week! They are really beautiful portraits, and we greatly appreciate that you set them up online and sent the link to us so fast - we were able to forward it on to all our family members overseas who couldn't be with us and they were so happy to see them, they really felt a part of everything!

Yoel & Tami Lock 


Seeing packets of greeting cards at local RBS establishments, I could not at first glance identify the beautiful scenery portrayed. Sure enough, they were from right here in my own backyard!
This for me, was testimony to the wonderful interpretive and artistic nature of the images printed on each card. Yosef Symonds has made each of these familiar locations his own by waiting for just the right light and finding the most interesting perspectives.
It’s so satisfying to see hometown talent finding a venue to share the understated and undiscovered beauty of this part of Eretz Yisrael that I call home.

Eugene Weisberg  RBS Alef
Eugene Weisberg Photography


… This link is to his photography website, Visions of Israel, which I highly recommend that you peruse in and of itself.

Pinchas and Idit Koven
RBS Alef


Yosef Symonds I have enjoyed looking at these pictures of Israel. Praise the Lord for his Blessing you, so you can bless others through your work.

Jennifer Barnes


I enjoy seeing all of your photographs because I think you are an excellent photographer.

Thank you for another treat of your "visions of Israel" which in I always enjoy viewing another artist's production.

Bubby Reichert RBS Alef
Artist and Great Great Grandmother


The Eilat photos are absolutely fabulous!!!

David Derovan