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Created 25-Nov-19

Tel Azeka is commonly accepted as the Philistine army base from which Goliath descended to taunt the Israelites in the Elah Valley before the battle with David.
The tel offers a commanding view over the valley.
Elah Valley and Elah Tree in Foreground 191121-3Bible Study on Tel Azeka 191121-1Elah Valley and Ramat Beit Shemesh Gimmel in Background 191121-2Climbing the Hill Having a Break 191121-4I Might Have a Rifle, But that Did Not Stop Someone Stealing My Bench! 191121-2Verse from Prophets Engraved in Stone Describing Shaul Fitting David with Armor 191121-1Panorama from Tel Azeka East Across Elah Valley 191121-1Elah Tree 191121-4Heading for a Seat at Summit of Tel Azeka 191121-1Sling Demonstration 191121-3Excavations on Summit of Tel Azeka Looking West 191121-1Signpost at Tel Azeka 191121-1Looking South-East along Elah Valley 191121-4Summit, Valley and Ramat Beit Shemesh 191121-1Looking North-East along Elah Valley 191121-1Listening to the Tel Azeka Introduction 191121-1Trekking Across Summit of Tel Azeka 191121-1Historically Significant Sitting 191121-1Observing the Elah Tree 191121-1Contemplating the Elah Valley 191121-3