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Created 1-Mar-20

Young Ones Finishing the Day 190226-1Young Lady Enjoying the Solitude 190226-4Birds Overhead 190226-1Family in Fields 190226-1Lupins 190226-6Lupins 190226-6Ethereal Hilltop Scene 190226-2Stone Fence, Walker and Tree 190226-2Hiding in the Lupins 190226-1Hills Before Sunset 190226-2Lupins with Ramat Beit Shemesh in Background 190226-1Couple in the Field 190226-2Trail Marker 190226-1Looking Through Trees at Sunset 190226-2Walkers at Sunset 190226-1Skyline at Sunset 190226-1Photographer 190226-2Looking Through Field at Sunset 1902262Skyline at Sunset 190226-7Skyline at Sunset 190226-10