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Created 1-Dec-19

Sukkah Yitzhar 191015-11Public Sukkah Yitzhar 191015-1Sukkah Wanabee Yitzhar 191015-1Sukkah Yitzhar 191015-8Leafy Branch Sukkah 191015-1Sukkah with a View 191015-1Fallen Sukkah Roof Yitzhar 191015-4Working on a Backyard Sukkah 191015-1Sukkah Yitzhar 191015-5Sukkah Yitzhar 191015-10Guests Assemble in One of Yitzhar's Sukkot 191015-2Fitter on the Roof 191015-1Public Sukkah Yitzhar 191015-1Chabad Sukkah Roof Yitzhar 191015-2Pretty But in the Way Sukkah 191015-1Sukkah Yitzhar 191015-6On the Road Sukkah 191015-1Sukkah Yitzhar 191015-2Sukkah Yitzhar 191015-7Sukkah Roof Yitzhar 191015-1