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Created 23-Oct-22

Zionist Window in Haredi Neighborhood 221012-4Zionist Window in Haredi Neighborhood 221012-3Zionist Window 221016-8Zionist Window 221016-7Zionist Curtains in Haredi Neighborhood 221012-5Zionist Curtains 221012-6Teamwork for a Zionist Building 221016-1Spelling Out the Message 221016-2Long Table Sukkah 221016-1Knowing Neighbor Edifice 221013-3Knowing Neighbor Edifice 221013-2Knowing Neighbor Edifice 221013-1Isolated Sukkah 221012-1Fallen Sukkah 221016-1Eruv in Front of Sukkah 221012-1Derelict Sukkah 221012-1Concertina Curtains 221016-1Billowing In the Breeze 221016-3