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Created 31-Jul-14

Sukkot, the Hebrew name for Feast of Tabernacles, is the festival where Jews celebrate today the dwelling in booths as their forefathers did in the desert after the Exodus from Egypt. In addition to the booths which are decorated beautifully despite their limited life of seven days, the festival is characterized by the waving of the four species - palm branch (lulav) yellow citron (etrog) myrtle (hadas) and williow twig (arava).

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Boy Eating Etrog (2)Boy with 186 EtrogimDecorations for Succah 1Decorations for Succah 2Hadassim - Myrtle LeavesSection of Palm Branches - LulavEtrogim 1 - Yellow CitronWillow Twigs - AravotEtrogim 2 - Yellow Citron