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Created 21-Nov-13

The Bridge of Strings also called the Chords Bridge or Jerusalem Light Rail Bridge, is a cantilever spar cable-stayed bridge in Jerusalem, Israel. The structure was designed by the Spanish architect and engineer Santiago Calatrava and was inaugurated in 2008.

Calatrava interprets the striking form of the bridge as a tent in the desert or a harp with the cables as the strings symbolizing King David's harp. Others interpret the looming pylon as the bust of a long-necked bird, a human arm or an arrow caught in a bow. I prefer those of a taxi driver who firstly saw the crank in the mast as a genuflexure to remind people that despite its dominating height, it was expressing submission to the Holy Temple Mount. He also pointed out that if one breaks from the enchantment of the mast, the base of the bridge is in the form of the hull of a sailing or viking boat. This interpretation is supported by the line of bollards (protecting the plaza and walking areas from vehicles) which clearly resemble the other meaning of bollard, namely the posts to which ships are tied.

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