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Created 6-Aug-19

Amphitheater 190804-6External Stair Well 190804-4Determined to Enjoy Oneself 190804-1Klezmer Sculpture 190804-1Scooting Along 190804-1Deserted Building 190804-1Amphitheater 190804-1Graffiti and Mosaic 190804-1Klezmer Sculpture 190804-10Shady Hotel 190804-1Japanese Touch 190804-1Klezmer Musician on Hill 190804-2Apartment Building 190804-1Independence Square Sculpture 190804-1Birds on Amphitheater 190804-1Colorful Cookies 190804-224/7 GraffitiYoung Person Graffiti 190804-1Textual Graffiti 190804-1Klezmer Sculpture 190804-5Pretty Enough to Turn a Head 190804-1