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Created 3-Jul-21

Holding the Flag 210621-4Holding the Flag 210621-6Police and Army Accompanying Trekkers 210621-1We Are Struggling for Our Country's Land 210621-3IMG_8842Young Demonstrators and Police 210621-2Observing and Photographing a ... 210621-1Photographing a ... 210621-3A Family Demonstration 210621-1IMG_8862On the March 210621-1Women and Children At the Demonstration 210621-3IMG_8875Girls Looking Out 210621-1Girls Looking Out 210621-2Absorbing the Billboard Next to Tour Guide 210621-4Young Observer and Mayor Shlomo Neeman 210621-11Group Communicating 210621-1Young Cyclist Testing New Ground 210621-1Children in Elevated Trampoline Bat Ayin 210621-2