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Created 1-Jul-21

Panorama from Bat Ayin 210621-1Panorama from Bat Ayin 210621-2Outskirts of Bat Ayin 210621-1Outskirts of Bat Ayin 210621-2Iran International TV Film Crew 210621-6Carrying the Flag 210621-2Carrying the Flag 210621-7Carrying the Flag 210621-9March Orderlies 210621-1Starting Out on Trek 210621-8Olive Grove Torched 210621-1Olive Grove Torched 210621-2On the Trail 210621-4On the Trail to Flat Hill with Lone Tree Destination 210621-6View Down Into Valley 210621-1View Down Into Valley 210621-2Nearing the Destination Hilltop 210621-1Panorama Looking West 210621-1Panorama Looking North-West 210621-1Preparing for the Rally 210621-2