Visions of Israel | “Smartphone Photography 100” Courses 2017 - Outline

“Smartphone Photography 100” Courses 2017

  • Grow your photography skills with your smartphone
  • Unlock the potential of that telephonic camera which is always at your side and available to capture the moment 
  • Capture important moments and people forever
  • Take exciting photos that make viewers say “wow”
  • Enjoy the stimulation of and interaction with others sharing your interest in photography
  • Courses at suitable for both beginners and intermediate smartphone users:
  • Beginners — those with no or little photographic experience
  • Intermediate— those who have used a manually controllable camera as well.
  • Courses for intermediate users will compare smartphones with dedicated cameras in different situations
  • Courses are practical--emphasizing getting out and taking pictures, and improving from there
  • Courses comprise 10 sessions, typically on a weekly basis
  • Sessions are one hour long and fast moving, with 10 segments each, giving a total of 100 segments to the course.
  • Sessions give an introduction to each topic and tips for going further
  • Each session is independent, except for the review of photos from the previous session and assignment for the coming session
  • Course times and locations will decided according to the preferences of students
  • Starting soon after Pesach
  • Courses are designed to take you to the next levels, and to be fun!
  • Cost and application forms at: 

Yosef Symonds is an avid photographer experienced in teaching at all levels. His photographic work over the last decade can be seen at and he can be contacted at 054-8102023.