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Created 25-Aug-17

Red Hibiscus -  Gaza Street Jerusalem 1Red Hibiscus -  Gaza Street Jerusalem 4Mixed Transportation Modes - Jerusalem 1Cracks 170709-1Mem 3 and RBS Gimmel 1&2 in Backround 2Pomegranate Over Steps 2Light on PewsRed Rose in Carpark 170711-1Yellow Rose in Carpark 170711-1Tree Trunk 1Dona, Mem 3 & Bridge  170711-1Park on Maor 170711-1Park on Maor 170711-4Sun and Park Bench on Maor 170711-1Purple-Blue Trumpet Flower 170711-2Flower Bush and Building 170712-1Green Leaves Against Window 170712-3Bulldozer Clears Area - Dona RBSA 2Shaar Hair Mall Staircase Railing Jerusalem 170712-1Shaar Hair Mall Jerusalem 170712-1