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Created 26-Sep-19

Misty Morning Beit Shemesh 190920-2Nothing Like the Experience of Donning Tefillin 190920-2Ash Tray Details 190920-2Yarden Street Early Morning 190904-5Montefiore Windmill - Yemin Moshe Jerusalem 190908-1Hills Behind Mishkafayim 190909-7Cracks 190909-2Wooden Bus Shelter Graffiti 190910-3Vine Over Fence 190910-1Siyum Rosh Hashana Kollel Bet Zvi 190911-1Shorn for New Year 190912-1Hibiscus in Summer  190912-1Sleepy Town 190904-1The Shofar Blower 190901-1Wall Lamp 190910-1Looking Out Onto Garden 190908-1Sunflower Close 190908-1Sunflower 190908-2_MG_4333Brightening a Narrow Window 190908-1