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Created 31-Oct-17

Scenes from October 2017 include: Sukkot items; continuing construction in Ramat Beit Shemesh; scenes from Machane Yehuda and Mekor Baruch in Jerusalem.
Bridge Mem3 Q4 2017Lulav HoldersEtrogim for Sale 2Hayarden Street Beit Shemesh Looking East 7Choosing and Buying 1Waving the Four SpeciesHeart and Soul Singing 1Linguistic Tree ShinglesLinguistic Tree at Machane YehudaWalking Home Erev Shabbat Mekor Baruch 2Tiny One-Seater for Narrow Mekor Baruch Street 1Door Too BeautifulStreet in Mekor BaruchWalking Erev Shabbat - Mekor Baruch 2Flower Pot Brightening Up a WallModern MovementPrayer Leader Before Holy Ark 3Kibbutz Lamed Hey Trees 1Shelter Door on Kibbutz Lamed Hey 2MAAR Construction RBSA Q4 2017 2