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Created 9-Nov-18

Illegal NoticesCrops in Beit Shemesh 1Crops in Beit Shemesh 2Mem3 18Q4Post Dawn Tree Stump 181105-1Post Dawn Tree Stump 181105-2Nachal Maor Trees 181105-1Nachal Maor Trees 181105-1Construction  Nachal Dolev 181105-1Construction  Nachal Dolev 181105-2Construction  Nachal Dolev 181105-3Dolev Ayalon Playground 181105-1Dolev Ayalon Playground 181105-2Jacaranda Trees Maor 181105-1Jacaranda Trees Maor 181105-2Jacaranda Trees Maor 181105-3Colors of Fall - Nachal Maor 181106-1Colors of Fall - Nachal Maor 181106-2Colors of Fall - Nachal Maor 181106-2Monument in Grounds of Hadassah Hospital Har Tzofim 181106-1