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Created 11-Jun-19

Flowers of Sausage Tree 190529-1Headless Hat on Partition 190528-1Whirling Roses 190520-6Teenage Girl Organizes Her Relaxation in Family's Outside Garden 1Tree in Whirl 190519-2Chassid and Flag 190506-3Boys Cycling Club Ramat Beit Shemesh 1Graffiti Beit Shemesh 190507-1Rose 190507-4Cat's View Under Truck 190506-2Mem3 RBSA Neighborhood at Night 190504-2Roses Beit Shemesh 190508-1Rose 190512-2Whirling Roses 190520-12Flag and Books 190507-3Triangular Flag Shawl on Door 190513-1Whirling Roses 190520-2Thistles in Front of Building 190522-3Rose 190512-7Building and Flowers 190515-2