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Created 30-Mar-20

Flowers Shooting Up from Radiator 200303-3Deserted Buildings Jerusalem 200303-2Deserted Buildings Jerusalem 200303-5Paris Square Jerusalem 200303-2Stairs in Great Synagogue Building Jerusalem 200303-1Early Season Anemones RBSA 200301-2Rosh Kollel Invested in his Shiur 200302-4Displaying the Colors 200303-1Black-Eyed Susan 200304-1Orchard with Beit Shemesh Hills in Background 200306-1Watching Barmitzvah Screen Show 200306-2Girls Watching Rain 200306-1Mishkafayim 20Q1-200306-1Highway-#10-$3855-#375-RBSHey-200306-4Undeveloped Southern Edge Mishkafayim 200308-1Plants Overlook Mishkafayim 200306-1Walking the Sidewalk 200308-1Sharp Watch 200308-2Glick in Blue 200308-1Nachal Maor at Night 200309-1