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Created 4-Jul-17

Yellow Petals on Pavement 2Red Petals on Pavement 1Red Petals on Pavement 4Australian Flame Tree (Brachychiton acerifolius) 2Purple Wandering Jew with BeeRed Geranium 170609White Flowers 170609Washing Bucket of One Apartment 2Woman Praying 170611-3Girls Absorbed in Creative Art Activity 1Sink Toiletries on Religious SettlementBat mitzvah Girl in Desert 2Adding Color to KollelThorns in Front of CanvasWoman Praying 170615-1Challah Made by Girls at Bat Mitzvah Celebration 2Grandfather Praying with GrandsonsBarmitzvah Food 170623-3Barmitzvah Food 170623-4Priestly Blessing 2