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Created 9-Aug-16

Cracks Can Produce Food 2Oshri Provides Music in Beit Shemesh 1Rav Danny Mters on the Mount 2Rollers - Kibbutz Lamed Hay 2MAAR 2Flag and Flowers 3Sharansky (below red placard)  at Demonstration in Support of Gerim Conversions - Jerusalem 3DSC01228-Cracks_160708Mowing Grass - Ayalaon Park 2Cat on a Hot Tin SkipKippot 1Lady in ArchwayParked Motorbike 1Ben Sira Street Jerusalem 3Queues at Ministry for Interior Offices Jerusalem 2Graffiti in Jerusalem Parking SpaceWires, Posts and Mast 2Suburban Cactus at Sunset 1Anti-Draft SignsDress Code and Mayoral Exhortation