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Created 14-Nov-18

Outside Walls of Old City of Jerusalem 3Separate Paths Towards Temple Mount and Western WallMixed Community of People Praying at Western WallBlue and White Prayer Shawl 1Outside Walls of Old City of Jerusalem 2Red Hibiscus -  Gaza Street Jerusalem 1Red Hibiscus -  Gaza Street Jerusalem 5Red Geraniums High 2Mixed Transportation Modes - Jerusalem 2Construction in Jerusalem 170704-2Old Wood - Givat Shaul Jerusalem 2Policeman Facing Off Against Jewish Vistors - Eastern Side of Temple MountPurple Flowers 170709 -1Mem 3 and RBS Gimmel 1&2 in Backround 2Pomegranate Over Steps 2Red Rose in Carpark 170711-1Yellow Rose in Carpark 170711-1Tree Trunk 1Park on Maor 170711-1Park on Maor 170711-3