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Created 22-Jan-20

Rose After Rain 191202-3Beit Shemesh's Future Ronaldo 191228-6Maale Hachamisha Foliage at its Best 191213-2Beit Shemesh Parkland After Rain 191208-1Darkest Clouds Have a Silver Lining 191201-1Helping to Light the Morning 191217-1Jerusalem Old City Cake Shop 191205-2Reflection After Rain 191202Young Man Tires of Flexing Only Mind 191203-1Guarding the Flower Pots 191220-1Lining Up the Lights 191203-1Caramel is a Popular Flavor at Chanukah Dec 2019Translucent Bougainvillea 191229-2Translucent Bougainvillea 191229-1Sun Through the Clouds 191209-3Morning Rises at the Park 191218-3Ramat Beit Shemesh Hey 191202-1Cats on the Watch 191202-1Mem3 Gimmel2 19Q4 191202-2Maale Hachamisha Foliage at its Best 191213-3