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Created 5-Jan-23

Sunset Over Ramat Beit Shemesh Gimmel 221218-2Cable-Stayed Bridge at Ramot from the Window 221220-2Green Tea and Greenbacks Add Up to Green Energy 221201-1Hitch-hiking Home fromHard Prayer at Rachel's Tomb 221220-1A Break from Prayer 221201-4Reflection in Puddles 221226-1Lampost on Stormy Early Morning 221226-2Lamp Lighting the Dawn 221214-2Bride Signing Prenuptial Agreement 221228-1Morning Lamp 221206-2Jacaranda Rechov Ha'aliyah 221228-7Clear Apartheid in Car ParkPost Election Truce or Surrender? 221208-1Praying For a Ride 221218-1Prayer at Street Corner 221219-2View of the Underworld 221207-2Cable-Stayed Bridge at Ramot from the Window 221220-5Sufganiot Are More Alluring Every Year 221208-1Cable-Stayed Bridge at Ramot from the Window 221220-1Ant Shares Its Views on Median Strip 221225-1