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Created 14-Nov-18

IMG_8858IMG_8943IMG_8968IMG_8970IMG_8972-Shomron Sukkot 2018IMG_8973-Shomron Sukkot 2018IMG_8974-Shomron Sukkot 2018IMG_8977-Shomron Sukkot 2018IMG_8978-Shomron Sukkot 2018IMG_8979--Shomron Sukkot 2018IMG_8980IMG_8981FatherPhotographer  and Daughter  - Yitzhar  2Travelling EastRamat Shlomo En RouteFlat Roof Construction Travelling EastRuthi Brenner - Trip Organizer and Inspirer 180927-1Ruthi Brenner - Trip Organizer and Inspirer 180927-2Passing Through the Front Gate 180927-1