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Created 15-Dec-13

The Shomrom Mountains in the Benyamin region of Israel are home to numerous settlements where Jewish people are enduring harsh conditions to live their lives in their ancestral homelands

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Bolt on Holy Ark after Destruction at Givat MenachemRemains of Structure after Demolition of Givat MenachemView towards Ramallah - HarashaEvery Community Needs a Basketball Court - HarashaNachliel Community with Demolition in ForegroundChanuka at Yeshiva in NachlielLighting Candles 8th Day Chanuka - Givat EgozParticipants in Candle Lighting - Givat EgozWoman Praying at Neria SynagogueView from AteretModern Palestinian City Rawabi Opposite AteretPanorama From Givat AssafPanorama 1 from AteretPanorama 2 from HarashaPanorama 1 from Neria