Visions of Israel | Shomron Mountain Communities
The Shomrom Mountains in the Benyamin region of Israel are home to numerous settlements where Jewish people are enduring harsh conditions to live their lives in their ancestral homelands

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Garden at Givat AssafHomes at Givat AssafBolt on Holy Ark after Destruction at Givat MenachemRemains of Structure after Demolition of Givat MenachemView towards Ramallah - HarashaEvery Community Needs a Basketball Court - HarashaNachliel Community with Demolition in ForegroundChanuka at Yeshiva in NachlielLighting Candles 8th Day Chanuka - Givat EgozParticipants in Candle Lighting - Givat EgozWoman Praying at Neria SynagogueView from AteretModern Palestinian City Rawabi Opposite AteretPanorama From Givat AssafPanorama 1 from AteretPanorama 2 from HarashaPanorama 1 from Neria