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Created 12-May-19

It was with shock and great sadness that participants on the latest of Ruthi Brenner's Chol Hamoed Shomron visits learned of her sudden passing.
Ruthi had organized both day trips and Oneg Shabbatonim in the Shomron over the last decades.
Ruthi was a part of the Shomron family and dedicated great efforts to introducing her "family" to urban dwellers who wanted to get to know and support these frontier defenders.
Without her, we would never have met and seen, for example, Ezra Yachin, the 91 year-old LEHI veteran who charmed us with his excited outlook on life, nor Yael Shevach, the young mother who inspired us with her attitude to life after having had her husband murdered by terrorists.
This collection shows Ruthi in action.
Ruthi, we miss you sorely. May your neshama be enjoying its rewards.
Ruthi at Shvalb Farm Pesach 2015 - 1Elon Moreh and Shvalb FarmIMG_8979--Shomron Sukkot 2018Ruthi at Yitzhar - Sukkot 2018IMG_8974-Shomron Sukkot 2018Ruthi Braving Winds at Kida Lookout Pesach 2018Group on Tour 3 - Kida LookoutDSC06879-Ruthi Conversing with Participant at Givat Assaf Dec 2013DSC06890-Ruthi in Center of Group at Givat Assaf Dec 2013Ruthi Explaining En Route to Visit Ezra Yachin in Beit Hanina 2Ezra Yachin and RuthiRuthi Explaining En Route to Visit Ezra Yachin in Beit Hanina 1Enthusiastic Photographers 1-Shomron Pesach 2018A Friendly Chat -Havat Gilad 2018Organizer Ruthi Alights at Mevo Dotan180402-Kida Lookout-4290-Pesach 2018180402-Kida Lookout-4282-Pesach 2018Ruthi and Her Group Pesach 2015Ruthi Filling Us In En Route - Pesach 2015Ruthi and Guide En Route Pesach 2015