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Created 28-Jul-14

Elections can be exciting. They can add variety and new experiences to our lives. The last local council elections (2013) in Beit Shemesh certainly did this. Much of this was positive, but there were aspects that give food for thought and reassessment.
As Tammany Hall Democratic leader George Washington Plunkitt, famously said: “Me and the Republicans are enemies just one day in the year — Election Day. The rest of the time, it’s live and let live with us.”
The photos in this gallery portray the color, variety of perspectives and taste of these elections. Some of the photos invite standing back and consideration.
See This? See This? See..Doorway Designed to Grab Your HeartHard to Walk Past Certain Corners"Torah Forbids Participation in Elections"What's Going on Here?Beit Shemesh Bus an Election Campaigner2013Running the GauntletReally Want to Know the Truth?See This? See This? See This? See This? See This!Listen Man, There are Things You Just Gotta KnowSee This? See This? See This? See This? - Missed ThemCatering for People with Multiple Vision (2)Serious Stuff Here!Police Want Part of the Action TooPolicemen Do Their Sedorim While Keeping the PeaceCatering for People with Multiple Vision (5)Not Everyone Sees the World AlikeElections Bridge Cultural BoundariesOne Candidate is Clearly Linked to ConstructionNot Everyone Thinks Elections are Good (1)