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Created 2-Jan-14

Elections can be exciting. They can add variety and new experiences to our lives. The last local council elections (2013) in Beit Shemesh certainly did this. Much of this was positive, but there were aspects that give food for thought and reassessment.
The photos in this gallery portray the color, variety of perspectives and taste of these elections. Some of the photos invite standing back and consideration.

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Not Everyone Thinks Elections are Good (1)Torah is Still Center Stage HereCounter ClaimsLet's Not Get Involved in ElectionsPublicity Rolls Come to a Wintry EndThis is a First for Some KidsElections Bring the New and Exciting to Children (1)Multiplicity and Magnitude of SignageCatering for People with Multiple Vision (1)Rabbis Play a Big Part in ElectionsIt's Easy if You Only Need to Recognize One LetterGiveaways Entice Young People at Election TimeThese Elections Are Really NeatOur Candidates Are Larger Than LifeElections are a Religious IssueCatering for All Eyesight Deficiencies or Just Money to WasteWho Will I Vote For?Election Flyers Go the Way of All PaperMore Fun than ChederNothing Interrupts My Reading