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Created 7-Sep-17

This collection was photographed at the factory in Kfar Adumin, Israel, which produces the biblical dye "tekhelet".
Tekhelet is a blue dye mentioned 49 times in the Hebrew Bible/Tanakh. It was used in the clothing of the High Priest, the tapestries in the Tabernacle, and the tassels affixed to the corners of one's four-cornered garment, such as the Tallit.

There are tours available at the factory site, and its website offers a fascinating and absorbing educational experience.

The story of the search for the source for the dye tekhelet – Biblical blue – is one of intrigue, deception, and deduction. It weaves together clues from Torah scholarship, archeology, and chemistry, and its major players include a great Chasidic Rebbe, a former Chief Rabbi of Israel, archeologists, marine biologists and chemists.