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Created 21-May-19

Givat ha Yekavim 4Givat ha Yekavim 8Givat ha Yekavim 11Givat ha Yekavim 16Givat ha Yekavim 21Givat ha Yekavim 25Circular Pergola Around Beit El Observation Tower 190423Observation Tower Mosaic Map of Sightings Beit El 190423Plaintive Question from Guide Beit El 190423Looking Down Onto Jacob's Rock 190423-2Flag at Beit El 190423-1Sheikh Abdullah Prayer House 190423-2Sheikh Abdullah Prayer House Beit El 190423-3Sheikh Abdullah Prayer House Beit El 190423-5Wormwood Oak 190423-5View from the "Shomra" 190423-4Wild Poppies and Trail Marker Beit El 190423-1Ancient Olive Press Cave 190423-3Ancient Olive Press Cave Beit El 190423-7Sheikh Abdullah Prayer House Beit El 190423-9