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Created 5-Apr-18

I was not the only one out shooting portraits in this magnificent poppy field in Mate Yehuda recently. I was one of those who also saw the poppies themselves as brilliant subjects in their own right.
A poppy field has a life cycle, and this collection covers a two week period from its prime to its end. Its demise was said to be floricide at the hands of Israeli Mossad agents in much of the media.
Poppy Field Panorama 180323-1Poppy Field Panorama 180323-2Poppies on the Slope 180323-1Poppies Overlooking Valley 180323-1Poppies on the Slope 180323-3Poppies on the Slope 180323-4Poppies on the Slope 180323-5Poppies on the Slope 180323-6Poppies on the Slope 180323-7Poppies Overlooking Valley 180323-2Poppies on the Slope 180323-8Portraits in Poppy Field 180323-1Poppy Field in Daisies 180323-1Poppy Field in Daisies 180323-2Poppy Field in Daisies 180323-3Stars of Poppy Field  180323-1Poppy Field in Daisies 180323-4Poppy Field in Daisies 180323-5Portraits in Poppy Field 180323-2Portraits in Poppy Field 180323-3