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Created 25-Mar-21

Whilst the majority of the Passover preparation shots involved making of matzah for consumption during the festival, there are other activities a little more off the beaten track.
All these activities have the connecting thread of ensuring the removal of even traces of leaven, not only from one's diet, but one's possession.
Cars Washed Inside and Out Before Pesach 210313-1Kneading the Matzah Dough 190408-1Thin Rolling the Matza Dough 190408-1Extracting the Matzah Dough From the Furnace 190408-1Matzas Might Abound But This Gentleman Can't Let Go of the Past 210321-1Hagalot Kelim for Pesach 210324-1Parting With Sefarim at the Geniza 210324-4Pelicans and White Storks Heading Back for Spring 210323-2