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Created 1-Nov-18

With all the excitement of elections, I find it interesting to see how potential community leaders relate to the law of the land and man-to-man ethics, when looking at the posting of posters.
There appears to be limited concern for public property as evidenced by posters being placed on public fences and public utility service boxes. Perhaps permission has been granted by the owners?
There also seems to be a lack of brotherly concern as evidenced by public noticeboards being plastered with multiple, large, identical signs. Where is the next person supposed to stick their poster? Perhaps focal deficiencies of the population require this multiple posting?
Examples of these can be seen in this collection. These photos were shot as a small random selection, and do not imply that these are the only parties involved.
These problems are not unique to election times and issues, but are found in all forms of advertising. Hopefully we will see some positive changes in restraint and respect with a change in government.
PS Not all shots show unfair postings :-)!
Posters on Public Utility Cupboards 181018-1Posters on Public Utility Cupboards 181018-2Double Vision 181018-1Posters on Public Utility Cupboards 181018-3Cheapening Name of Gedolei Yisrael?Pray for Us 181018-1Not Everyone Likes Getting Back to the Real McCoy 181018-2Getting Back to the Real McCoy 181018-3Strange Mourning Topics 181018-1Double Vision 181018-2Posters on Public Utility Cupboards 181018-4Who Hung Me in Front of All these People and Traffic? 181018-1Posters on Public Utility Cupboards 181018-5Posters on Public Utility Cupboards 181018-6Double Vision or Worse 181018-3Posters on Public Utility Cupboards 181018-7