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Created 21-Nov-13

Faces of synagogue life can include prayer, rasing of the Torah scroll, shiurim, father and son learning, inauguration of a holy scroll, physical form of the synagogue and its appointments including the holy ark.

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Holy Scroll in its Cover 2Completing the Holy Scroll 7Completing the Holy Scroll 4Checking the Parchment Scroll 2Sofer Completing the Holy Scroll 2Parchment from Scroll of Book of Prophets 2Checking the Parchment Scroll 3Sofer Completing the Holy Scroll 3Completing the Holy Scroll 12Completing the Holy Scroll 17Completing the Holy Scroll 25Completing the Holy Scroll 28Checking the Parchment Scroll 5Completing the Holy Scroll 39Rolling the Parchment Scroll 2Completing the Holy Scroll 44Completing the Holy Scroll 46Completing the Holy Scroll 47Checking the Holy Parchment of a Book of the Prophets 5