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Created 23-Dec-18

Hayarden Street Waking Up After Dawn 181217-1Hayarden Street Waking Up After Dawn 181217-2Bus Stop 181218-1Bus Stop 181218-2Bus Stop 181218-3Pruned Tree Maor Park 181218-1Pruned Tree Maor Park 181218-2Pruned Tree Maor Park 181218-3Construction Crane at Dusk 181218-1Construction Crane at Dusk 181218-2Tree on Hayarkon 181218-1Tree on Hayarkon 181218-2Tree silhouette 181218Tree on Hayarkon 181218-3Tree on Hayarkon 181218-4Pergola and Tree 181218-1Pergola and Tree 181218-2Beit Shemesh Skyline at Twilight 181218-1Beit Shemesh Skyline at Twilight 181218-2Lady Ironing 181219-1