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Created 25-Jan-16

Tzippy Reini, biographer of Naomi Frankel of blessed memory, lectured on "Naomi and her works" at Shdema Land of Israel Cultural Center in January 2010 as volunteers organized by Women in Green were cleaning up the site. Naomi Frankel, famous and beloved author of many books, lived in Bet Alpha ( a community identified with the so-called "correct " side of the political map). Then, she moved to Kiryat Arba Hevron. All of a sudden, the interest in her work disappeared and Naomi was ignored by the cultural elites in Israel. Naomi Frankel paid a heavy price for her beliefs and for her loyalty to Eretz Israel.She was a fighter, appreciated very much all those fighting for Eretz Israel, among them the activists for a Jewish Shdema.
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