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Created 25-Apr-16

View onto Western Wall Plaza with Wall and Temple Mount in BackgroundHand of Friendship above Western wall PlazaVisitor Climbs Steps Above Western Wall PlazaA Market Place for IdeasTourists Coming Down to Western WallEthiopian Ladies at Western Wall PlazaSomething Needs Checking Out HereDung Gate - A Meeting Place for All 2Dung Gate - A Meeting Place for All 1Dung Gate - A Meeting Place for All 3Davidson Garden Plaza 2Davidson Garden Plaza 1Western Wall קוטל המערביDonation Collector for Rescue of Captives - Western WallGetting It Just Right Near the Western WallA Blessing Never Goes Astray 1Western Wall קוטל המערביAsking Visitors to Western WallWestern Wall קוטל המערביHard Work Praying at Western Wall 2